Stillpoint Theatre


The Vanity of Small Differences. 

A new show in development for 2019. An interactive performance in the spirit of Portsmouth Sinfonia about failure, imposter syndrome and finding creative agency in the face of depressing news and disastrous odds. Featuring collaborative allies, director Toby Park (Spymonkey), photographer Hugh Fox and music consultant Emiliana Torrini.

The Vanity of Small Differences will come to an unusual space near you in Spring 2020. 

Rachel Blackman comes from a family of high achieving classical musicians. 

Rachel is not a musician, 

She is not even a cellist, 

She can only do this. 

What ever this is…

‘(you) will feel ridiculous. And ridiculousness is good for (you). It’s good for everything. To feel ridiculous and sensitive is a part of freedom.’

Philipe Gaulier.


Image by the artist.

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