Stillpoint Theatre

Moon Project

Leila is an aeronautical engineer. Shahab is a film maker. Today they have been asked to give a talk about their famous friendship and how two such unlikely people have become friends in the first place.

It all started with a crash.
Leila was thrown into the air one day when Shahab crashed his car into her. Did she experience shock? or peak experience? And was it possible she experienced both at once? Meanwhile Shahab, who has spent his whole life on the run, is having to come to terms with why he didn’t stop to see if Leila was ok…

How do we let our selves fly free, whilst negotiating the inevitability of gravity? And how do we recover when, in a single moment, everything we thought was important suddenly no longer is?

Using as a starting point one of the ultimate human physical journeys: travelling far enough away to view the earth from space. Moon Project takes in shock, peak experience and looks at how you can possibly prepare for such things and land properly afterwards. It is about how often the thing we want the most is the thing we are most frightened of. It is also about space.

For the first time we will be having our play published by Play Dead Press and that should be available in time for our run at Ovalhouse. You will also be able to purchase it from this website.

Moon Project is written by Rachel Blackman and created by the company.

The Company are:
Performers: Jules Munns and Rachel Blackman,
Directors: Paul Hodson (direction / dramaturgy) and Emma Roberts (movement / direction)
Lighting Design and Production Management: Greg Mickelborough
Costume and Set Design: Pearl Bates.
Producer: Beccy Smith
Stage Manager / Technician: Lloyd Thomas
Sound Design: A bit Greg, a bit Emma, a bit Rachel, a bit Lloyd. Very collaborative indeed.

It was created with commission money from Ovalhouse and funds provided by Arts Council England. It was also made possible through generous support from Theatre in the Mill in Bradford, The Nightingale and South Street Reading.