Stillpoint Theatre


A Workshop For Women
Brighton @The Studio
24-25 June 2017
10 – 5pm
11 – 6pm

A workshop for bringing women home to their own wise bodies.

Medicine for objectification culture, exploring womb, gut and sensory health as keys to self care, libido and wellness.

This workshop will focus on the body as THE primary source of information for us about our wellness and vitality as well as our primary source of clues about our bliss. How to listen to it as a guide and own our own experience of libido, life force and creative expression.

Libido in its deepest and broadest sense is a great teacher. It lets us know when we are depleted and over extended. It tells us when we are being nurtured and when we are not. It connects us to the earth, fire, water, air and spirit inside each of us and is an instant baromometre of preference: revealing like, dislike, disgust, yearning, indifference and bliss.

Getting women in touch with womb, gut and sensory wellness, dissolving body shame and welcoming in self / body value, is key to healing much of what is out of balance in our culture at the moment.

As well as running Stillpoint, Rachel is a massage therapist and teacher of somatic wellness. She has a special interest in the body as an intelligent instrument – the transmitter and receiver of all lived experience. She runs a thriving body-work practice in Brighton UK where her focus is on guiding clients towards their own self healing path. She has been working with a group of bodywork and movement professionals researching touch as a tool for catalysing movement for wellness since 2015 and has been facilitating groups for over 10 years.

Rachel will be joined by RADA Alexander Technique teacher and somatic wellness coach Korina Biggs.

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